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How Prototyping is Replacing Documentation

I don't know if prototyping is really replacing documentation, but more (and better) prototyping means less (and better) documentation for sure.

A nice topic, with some good tips.


Microsoft NAV 2013 download (and much more)

A great site hosting a lot of MS enterprise demos and installers. Please note: it's perfectly legal!


From C++ to Javascript? Now you can!

Check out Emscripten:


Do-It-Yourself Dropbox

Bitpocket promises to be a DIY Dropbox, yet simple and effective.
I'll give it a try.


Trying to define what the heck 'Enterprise collaboration platform' really means

Once they were called "intranets".
Now we call them "enterprise collaboration solutions", and it's definitely a lot cooler. But the things companies are trying to get done with them, are pretty the same.

The main difference from a few years ago, is the wide range of solutions targeting even the smallest companies, with players like Google or Zoho offering free or freemium solutions. Market is wider, average company size is smaller, internet is faster. And we all have a smartphone inside the pocket, of course. But the goal remains the same: helping companies to succeed, empowering their main asset - human resources. Read more…

Hire people smarter than you!

Wonderful Dilbert!


Free hi res pictures you can use even on commercial prjects.

If you are a professional designer, or just hang around Photoshop in your spare time (just like me!), you already know how valuable a nice, big and free photo is.

So, here are a few sites with a ton of nice, big and free pictures. Enjoy!

Let customers fall in love with your brand

One of the biggest trend in blog posting is about lists. You know - something like "Top 10 things you have to do when...." or "The best 5 on line resources to..."

I think it has something to do with Nick Hornby, but I don't have enough evidences.

The following is also a list, and it's pretty superficial like almost every other list. But it's pretty interesting, though.

Via onedeepdesign and ninja marketing
Read more…

Why users can’t find answers in help

Tom Johnson is a technical writer working in San Francisco, with a nice blog and a rather intense activity as a speaker in conferences about... well, technical writing.


One of his latest presentations is entitled "Why users can’t find answers in help?": a very difficult question, but - guess what? - Tom shares with us a bunch of possibile answers.

Check out his presentation on SlideShare, but here is the most precious slide: Read more…

Music Smasher: a streaming music service search engine


Just two years after its launch (!), I discovered a wonderful app: Music Smasher.

As its developer Matt Montag says on his site:

Music Smasher is a mash-up of popular music subscription service APIs. I developed it to simplify the task of searching across Spotify, Rdio, Grooveshark, and other catalogs to find out who has the music you love, giving you more information for choosing a streaming service.

It works like a charm, and I love it.